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PS3 Buzz Quiz TV w/4 Wireless Buzzers

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Buzz has brought his game to the Sony PlayStation 3! Bring the ultimate game show to your living room with Buzz! Quiz TV. Challenge your knowledge of trivia with over 5,000 questions from multiple channels including Sports, Lifestyle, Music and Movies. Play against up to three other local players in this ultimate party game, or go "sofa vs. sofa" and complete against other players online.

Multiple modes of single and multi-player competition keep you on the edge of your seat. Be the first to buzz in using the light-up buzzer button atop the new wireless Buzz! Buzzer. Then, select your best answer using the colored buttons on the front. Select the correct answer to score points – choose poorly and Buzz won't let you live it down. The four new controllers included with this game are compatible with other versions of Buzz! on both the PS2 and PS3.

Players can also create and share custom quizzes via the MyBuzz online community. You can download and rate other player's quizzes online or on your PS3. Additional quiz packs are available through PlayStation Network so you'll never run out of challenges.

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